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Suspension of New Comics in North America: We are here for you!

March quickly got the better of all of us.

We at Beyond Comics hope everyone is safe at home or work if you had to go in.

If you had not heard, this week’s shipment of New Comics will be the last for at least the next four weeks, if not longer.

We are uncertain as to when shipments will resume. Know that we will be at the forefront of receiving new comics when they do resume shipping.

If you have not picked up your comics yet we are currently allowing you to call the stores, pay for your comics, and pick them up curbside. We will also be offering to mail them to you for the cost of shipping.

Curbside Hours:
Friday 10am to 4pm
Saturday 11am to 1pm

Friday 10am to 2pm
Saturday 11am to 1pm

Please, if you are unable to pick them up but are able to pay for them, we would greatly appreciate that you did so.

After Saturday Curbside will not be a regular option as we will not necessarily be in either store as all non-essential businesses are closed as per the order of the Governor of Maryland. That makes it fiscally challenging to afford to man the stores without customers to sell to.

Over the next several days we will be taking measures that will hopefully allow you to get graphic novels and comics if you need some great reading material while you are sequestered.

As a protective measure we are severely reducing any orders on future comics to minimize our risk for when new comics start being distributed again. To that end it is imperative that you consider signing up for an in-store subscription. This is the best way for us to make certain that you get the comics you want without interruption.

This email has our latest subscription form below. If you would like to start a subscription please feel free to copy it, print it or just email the information:

No matter what, please identify which store you want to have it with.

This form is not complete nor always one hundred percent accurate as titles are often fluid with their release schedules. To that end, if you know of any titles you would like to subscribe to that are not on the form you may write them down and include them.

Beyond Comics subscription form - page 1Beyond Comics subscription form - page 2Beyond Comics subscription form - page 3Beyond Comics subscription form - page 4Beyond Comics subscription form - page 5

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