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Fubar Creators Appearance

Meet over 8 comic creators

FUBAR: American History Z

From the New York Times Bestselling
Graphic Novel Series!
Saturday, September 21st – 12noon to 4:00pm

Beyond Comics – Frederick
5632 Buckeystown Pike (301) 668-8202

Jeff McComsey, Mike Imboden, Rafer Roberts, John Shine, Steve Becker, Jim McMunn, Jeff McClelland, Dominic Vivona, Giles Crawford, and maybe a few more!

The follow up to the New York Times Best Seller: Empire of the Rising Dead, FUBAR: American History Z is a stand-alone anthology that covers the entire American experience. From the discovery of the new world to present day, this volume shows what happened when our founding fathers came face to face with the walking dead.

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