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ENIAC from Bad Idea – Pre-Order Now at Beyond Comics!

Bad Idea is finally launching
their first comic book!


From the people who relaunched Valiant Comics

This unprecedented new way to sell comics is limited to 154 comics book stores worldwide where you can buy it.

Beyond Comics is proud to be one of the few comic book stores chosen to sell it.

However, you MUST commit
to buy all 4 issues!

To ensure you get yours, please pre-order your copies NOW!

(they will ship over time)

This is a pre-order for a set containing Issues #1 to #4. They will ship over time.

About ENIAC:

Seventy-seven years ago, the United States unlocked the key to defeating the Axis powers, but, in their desperation to end the war, created a far more powerful threat: ENIAC (Electronic Numerator Integrator and Computer), the world’s first supercomputer.

ENIAC’s calculations proved vital to turning the tide against Germany and Japan – until it ordered the second atomic bomb to be dropped on Nagasaki without any human order or approval. America had inadvertently created the first artificial intelligence without ever realizing the full extent of its abilities…or its ambitions.

For the more than 50 years that followed, ENIAC manipulated global affairs from the shadows, waging a cold war that pitted spy against spy, nation against nation…until it went dark and disappeared from view. Now, years later, an encrypted countdown has just been detected in Earth’s satellite network and mankind only has three days left before ENIAC executes its endgame.

With few options and even less time, the Secretary of Defense has just given two covert operatives the most important mission in human history: kill ENIAC…before it kills us.


From the creative team of:

Matt Kindt (writer)

Doug Braithwaite (art)

Diego Rodriguez (colors)

Lewis Larosa w/ Laura Martin (covers)


** ON SALE MARCH 2021 **


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