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Batman Fortnite Comic Books with Skin Codes

Buy All 6 Issues of Batman Fortnite Comic Books
Get All 7 Fortnite Skins

Batman Skin in Fortnite - Illustration

Don't Get Caught Flat Footed Like We Did!

Pre-Purchase the ENTIRE set of Batman Fortnite Zero Point Comics at cover price ($4.99 each)

Get all 6 issues of the Batman Fortnite Zero Point Comics including Skin Codes and get a FREE 7th Code!

Each comic comes with a code to be redeemed in game.  7th code is revealed in game only.


As a result, we placed additional orders for every issue to fulfill all demand.

We will not have enough first printings available until Issue #4.

Therefore, we will fill orders in the order of payment received, filling orders with earliest printings still available until they are gone and then filling the next orders with later printings.  Orders will be filled with a random cover.

Printings noted below as “Guaranteed” will be available.

Harley Quinn Rebirth Skin for Fortnite

Rebirth Harley Quinn Skin Available with Issue #1

Scheduled Shipping Dates

These dates subject to change.

Issue #PrintingShip DateGuaranteed?
#12ndMay 25 
#13rdJune 1YES
#21stMay 4 
#22ndMay 25YES
#31stMay 18 
#32ndJune 1YES
#41stJune 1YES
#51stJune 15YES
#61stJuly 6YES

~ You Have Two Options ~

In Store Pick-up

You can pick up your copy of each issue after they arrive on the delivery dates noted above.

We Ship to You

You will not receive your complete set until after the final issue is delivered as shown on delivery schedule above (July 6).

Already bought Issue #1?
Never fear, there is an option to buy Issues #2 – #6 only, below.

Buy Batman Fortnite Comic Books Here!

Options for In-Store Pickup or Ship to You are available upon checkout.
You can purchase in store, as well.  Subscription Discounts not available on sets.

Get the Armored Batman Skin

after you purchase and receive all 6 issues of
Batman Fortnite Zero Point Comic Books

In-game redemption required for all skins.

Batman Armored Fortnite Skin
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